Have you thought about when you would like to retire or what your retirement will look like? If so, how confident are you that your pension pot will have enough in it to enable you to fulfil all your objectives (and indeed stop work when you want to?!)? As part of our pre-retirement service, we will discuss your retirement goals with you and work out what steps you need to put in place to ensure you ‘get there’ within your preferred timescales.

Rather than focus on ISAs or pensions specifically, we look at your overall pension pot, define what you’re trying to achieve and then recommend the most appropriate saving vehicles to reach your destination.

With ‘pension freedoms’, pre-retirement planning can be an exciting prospect in terms of opportunities and flexibility, so instead of seeing it as daunting or something to keep putting off, let us help you take full advantage of the possibilities. If retirement for you means a trip around the world, treating yourself to that luxury car you’ve always promised yourself or just spending more time with the family, let us help you realise your ambitions.