Post Retirement

Once you’re reached retirement age, your priorities will change a little. The saving part is done. It will now be more about making the most of your savings and ensuring you have the right long-term protection in place.

You will want to access those savings as tax efficiently as possible, which we can advise on. We can also check that you have appropriate income streams set up so that you are able to enjoy a comfortable life in retirement. You may want to consider income drawdown, depending on your expectations, circumstances and attitude to risk. This can offer an attractive amount of flexibility, which may be important to you if you think your requirements may change from one year to the next. Alternatively, if you are looking for greater security, you may prefer to purchase an annuity, which will offer a fixed amount of income.

Our main focus in our post-retirement service is that your savings are used as effectively and appropriately as possible to ensure the quality of your retirement.